Coming in November!  A significantly redesigned Ride the Fault Line cycling tour for 2018!  Earlier dates. New state!  More sights to see.  More varied terrain. New towns!  Another "layover" day. Cooler temperatures and less wind!!  The same outstanding support team!  Check Facebook for updates!

Experience this unique cycling adventure through our four mid-Mississippi valley states when you sign up to ride along the New Madrid earthquake fault line!

to watch a video of past tours!


-Spend 6 days travelling through the mostly flat river floodplains of Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, & Kentucky.

the history of the great New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812 and learn from experts about the chances for an "encore".

yourself up close & personal with bald eagles and other wildlife at Reelfoot Lake, a premier national wildlife sanctuary.

the mighty Mississippi River on one of the last remaining authentic riverboat ferries.

yourself in Civil War history & tour historic, restored antebellum homes, battlefields, and historic sites.

-Start and finish your adventure in the same location.  
No extra-cost, long bus rides for you, and no risk of damage to your bike while being hauled on a truck!

Registration opens December 1, 2017.

Ride the Fault Line is a production of Midwest Cyclotouring, LLC  Sikeston, Missouri          573.380.7875

Midwest Cyclotouring, LLC reserves the unconditional right to modify the tour route and itinerary,
without prior notice, due to weather, river, road, or other unpredictable conditions.

Watch video of the tour!
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